Welcome to MJOLNIR’s documentation!

Welcome to the documentation page of the MJOLNIR software package developed for data treatment, conversion, and visualization for multiplexing neutron scattering spectrometers. With the increased point density measured during a single experiment, flexible and versatile software is needed to deal with this new data. This software package tries to both introduce an easy-to-use scripting interface to visualization and treatment while still offering customizable plotting features.

Table of contents

Below is an overview of the provided documentation containing everything from physical/mathematical explanations of different concets through code specific references to tutorials and guides on how to make use of MJOLNIR.

As the software is to be used by a broad user group, it is of great importance to support a wide range of python versions. Below is the current list of supported versions.

travis coverall python27 python34 * python35 python36 python37 *


Python 3.4 is believed to be compatible but is not tested due to updates in testing framework. Python 3.7 is supported by the package but some of the dependencies might not be supported on all operating systems.